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February 2015

EVOLUTION VALVES - Have announced the launch of their world beating 


Evolution have redefined the existing Triple Offset Butterfly Valve into a world beating valve by

introducing "in house" patented technology that results in superior sealing performances.

 The main features are :  

Live loaded gland packing comprising of a quadrilateral stud arrangement guaranteeing an emission free environment.​

​Releasable "handcuffs" affixed to an octagonal shaft allows for "easy disc" release, shear free torque resistance, lowest life time maintenance cost and actuator assembly at every 45 degree position

Integral body eliminating the need for any seat potentially damaging bolts exposed in line.   Tungsten and chromium carbide alloy overlays giving superior long term maintenance free performance​.

Revolutionary "acute angle" cone geometry giving 360 degree interference angle delivering true zero leakage across the entire seat.

 Please contact the BDANDA Sales Team for further information and to arrange a presentation.



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