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Stepper Actuator: Hydraulic

The Advanced Component Technology range of Stepping Actuators are based on widely used mechanical principles, which we have refined and improved upon to give a reliable, cost effective product available with hydraulic controls. Generally the actuator is coupled into a hydraulic ring main provided by others. Via a series of hydraulic controls and two directional solenoid valves oil is fed into one of two cylinders, which act upon a mechanical ratchet/gear wheel. The rotation of the gear wheel is selected by giving an electrical pulse to one of the two solenoid valves. Linear motion is achieved via a drive nut, which is connected to the gear wheel. The mechanical drive mechanism can be supplied complete with drive nut threaded drive shaft, valve actuator mounting bracket and stem connector to fit directly to your valve.

Key Product Features

- Rotary Stepping Hydraulic
- Steps per Revolution – 19, 38 or 76
- Speed 0 to 120 steps per minute
- Supply voltage – 24 VDC
- ATEX – EX II 2GD, Eexd IIC T6
- Ingress Protection – IP66 to IEC 60529/NEMA4X

Optional Extras

- Electronic Actuator Position Controller – 24 VDC, 4-20m
- A Command & Feedback signal (ATEX EExd, IS or HART format)
- Position Indication – Rotary Potentiometer ATEX – EX II 2GD,
  Eexd IIC T6, IP66 to IEC 60529/NEMA4X

or alternatively

- Limit Switches up to four.
- Electrical Enclosure – Copper Free Aluminium or Stainless Steel
- Hand Wheel for manual control



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